PyGranta RecordLists 1.2.1#

A Python wrapper for the Granta MI Lists API.

To avoid ambiguity with the Python object list, lists available via the Granta MI Lists API are referred to as record lists. Granta MI users might also know the feature as Favorites Lists.

Using the Granta MI Lists API requires the user to have necessary permissions on the Granta MI Server. Some operations on record lists require additional permissions, specific to record lists. For more information, see the Help for the Favorites app in Granta MI.


To use this version of the ansys.grantami.recordlists package you must have access to a Granta MI 2024 R2 deployment.

The ansys.grantami.recordlists package currently supports Python from version 3.9 to version 3.12.


To install the latest release from PyPI, use this code:

pip install ansys-grantami-recordlists

To install a release compatible with a specific version of Granta MI, use the PyGranta meta-package with a requirement specifier:

pip install pygranta==2023.2.0

Alternatively, to install the latest from ansys-grantami-recordlists GitHub, use this code:

pip install git:

To install a local development version with Git and Poetry, use this code:

git clone
cd grantami-recordlists
poetry install

The preceding code installs the package and allows you to modify it locally, with your changes reflected in your Python setup after restarting the Python kernel.